Sh2-279 Running Man Nebula
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Sh2-279 is an HII region and bright nebulae that includes a reflection nebula located in the constellation Orion. It is the northernmost part of the asterism known as Orion's Sword, lying 0.6° north of the Orion Nebula. The reflection nebula embedded in Sh2-279 is popularly known as the Running Man Nebula.

Sh2-279[1] comprises three NGC nebulae, NGC 1973, NGC 1975, and NGC 1977[4] that are divided by darker nebulous regions. It also includes the open cluster NGC 1981. The brightest nebulosity, later listed as NGC 1977, was discovered by William Herschel in 1786.

  • Location: Kissimmee Prairie State Park
  • Scope: Vixen VMC200L
  • Camera: Fli ML8300 with CFW2-7 and Astrodon Filters
  • 300 sec subs LRGB for 3 hours in Maxim DL
  • Combined in Maxim DL and processed in Pixinsight
  • Taken 2/11/16