Astronomy Programs

Free Programs:

CCD Calculator (including  pixel scale)

Clear Sky Chart - It's the astronomers forecast. It shows at a glance when, in the next 48 hours, we might expect clear and dark skies for one specific observing site

Deep Sky Stacker - freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures.

EQMOD - consists of a suite of open source applications that can provide an alternative to the hand controller on supported German Equatorial Mounts

Stellarium -  is a free open source planetarium for your computer.

Cartes Du Ciel -  program enables you to draw sky charts, making use of the data in many catalogs of stars and nebulae.

PHD2 - is telescope guiding software that simplifies the process of tracking a guide star, letting you concentrate on other aspects of deep-sky imaging or spectroscopy

Excalibrator - uses the SDSS or APASS database to identify stars in your image that should be white.  eXcalibrator then computes color correction factors.

ASCOM - is a many-to-many and language-independent architecture, supported by most astronomy devices which connect to Windows computers

Registax - Free software for alignment / stacking / processing images

Fits Liberator - is a free software program for processing and editing astronomical science data in the FITS format to reproduce images of the universe.

StarStax - StarStaX is a fast multi-platform image stacking and blending software, which is developed primarily for Star Trail Photography.




Sequence Generator Pro - is software that is capable of executing complex sequences of capture events which will allow you to spend more time looking up and less time fighting with your rig.We also feel strongly about providing software at down to earth prices.


Pixinsight - Advanced Image Processing. PixInsight is a modular, open-architecture, portable image processing platform.


Maxim DL - Cyanogen Imaging® MaxIm DLTM includes an extensive suite of image acquisition, processing, and analysis tools. Starting with complete observatory integration, MaxIm DL takes you from gathering raw data through to the final high-quality result with the minimum of effort

 Astro Pixel Processor - complete Deep Sky Image Processing application with several new and innovative feautures.

 AstroArt - A complete software for astrophotography: image processing, astrometry, photometry, camera and telescope control.

CCD Stacker - provides you with many tools to process, assemble and view your astronomical images.

CCD Inspector - Unlike collimation procedures of the past, CCD Inspector provides a revolutionary new way to collimate a compound-optics telescope.


 TheSkyX - is an essential tool for observatory control, deep space imaging and scientific discovery, and includes the broadest range of advanced features to enhance your experience under the night skies.

  Backyard EOS - is software tailor made to control your Canon DSLR camera. It is purposely built with astro-photography in mind.

 Star Tools - is a image post-processing application built from the ground up exclusively for modern hardware and modern astrophotographers.