Sculptor Galaxy
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The Sculptor Galaxy, also known as the Silver Coin or Silver Dollar Galaxy, NGC 253, is an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor. The Sculptor Galaxy is a starburst galaxy, which means that it is currently undergoing a period of intense star formation. The galaxy was discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783 during one of her systematic comet searches .The Sculptor Galaxy is located at the center of the Sculptor Group, one of the nearest groups of galaxies to the Milky Way. NGC 253's starburst has created several super star clusters on NGC 253's center (discovered with the aid of the Hubble Space Telescope).Research suggests the presence of a supermassive black hole in the center of this galaxy with a mass estimated to be 5 million times that of our Sun, which is slightly heavier than Sagittarius A .

Location: Harold Campbell Everglades

  • Scope: Stellarvue 130

  • Camera: Fli ML8300 with CFW2-7 and Astrodon Filters

  • 600 sec Lum subs and 300 sec Binned 2 R,G,B

  • Sequence Generator Pro - Integration

  • Combined and processed in Pixinsight

  • Taken 12/8/18

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