Seti@home & Milkyway@home Project

After a recent Trip to the Arecibo Radio Telescope I thought I’d share a Project that you can be a part of to help the SETI Project.


If your into astronomy but don’t have time for public outreach there is one great and interesting way to help. Berkeley has created a computation program that uses your computer power to process data. Two great projects are the Seti@home project and the Milkyway@home Project.

The Seti@home project takes packets of data from the Arecibo Radio Telescope and uses your computer to process and translate the data. Once completed the data is sent back to be analyzed for signals. If a signal is discovered it is confirmed among other Radio Telescopes. The person(s) who found the signal with their screen saver would be named as one of the co-discoverers along with the others on the SETI@home team.


Milkyway@Home uses the BOINC platform to harness volunteered computing resources, creating a highly accurate three dimensional model of the Milky Way galaxy using data gathered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This project enables research in both astroinformatics and computer science.

The way to get Boinc is to download the files here: BOINC

Please join the Team theastrogazer if you decide to join either of the projects.