Polar Align Routine:  EQMOD DOWNLOAD


Connect Mount to an Ascom Astronomy Program
Eqmod will launch
Press the >>> arrow in EQmod to expand the view


Enter your location coordinates and click set
Click on the Polar Clock


Rotate your Dec (scope) so the visual hole in your weight shaft is allowing light to your polar scope and rotate your RA (mount head)  to make the small circle at 9 oclock (Or closest to where polaris is) {Lock your Dec and RA} Select the time location in the polar window

polar scope.jpg


Move polaris into the small circle using the Altitude and Azimuth adjustment screws



GO back to EQmod and click on the Home+ button and click ok


Click on the Star -> button and wait for the scope to move and the color come back on the star

Once you press the -> Star button the scope will begin to rotate
Look through the polar scope and move Polaris back into the small circle using the adjustment screws (DO NOT unlock the RA or DEC)
After its in the small circle click park to home.

Wait for EQMOD to say Parked and then unlock the Dec and RA and move the scope manually to the home position facing Polaris
Once done unpark the scope and click the white star to turn on sidereal tracking.


Now that you have completed your polar alignment routine you can do your star alignment or plate solve routine.